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Counter shutters are used in kiosks, food windows, concession windows, and pharmacies. QMI rolling shutters are available with solid slats or perforated slats to enable airflow or nighttime merchandising while still protecting the pharmaceuticals, electronics, or candy displays. QMI security rolling shutters are available in 7 colors, 4 box housing shapes, and numerous perforations or vision slats.


Residential line of patio door shutters, entry door shutters and shutters security for windows. HomeSafe roll shutters provide energy savings, noise reduction, reduce UV fading, offer light control, protect during extreme weather, and are excellent burglar deterrents.


Designed for protecting valuable items and inventory, these steel cases with integrated security shutters prevent smash and grabs and are used to control inventory shrink. These cabinets with aluminum shutters are available in numerous colors, sizes, and slats options. Pull out drawers, baskets, or peg hook setups are available. Clear slat rolling shutters and roll top style cases are also available in the ProductSafe line to protect and showcase cigarettes, electronics, and other valuable inventory that requires quick and easy security.


Storefront security gates for interior or exterior storefront burglar protection. Retailers have found that having QMI rolling steel doors and gates reduces burglary attempts to nearly zero. QMI StoreSafe shutters protect pharmacies, electronic stores, cellular retailers, and electronics retailers throughout North America.


The answer for storm and weather protection. This line up includes 7 different product types to protect a home or business from extreme weather and hurricanes. The Roll-a-way roll up shutters, Bahamas & Colonials, Accordions, Clear Panels, and Fabric & Stainless Steel mesh are all hurricane approved products. Rolling doors are available with the smallest box housings in the industry. Four housing shapes are offered as well.