How-to Install Security Mesh – Fastners

Host: Now let’s fasten the mesh to the window structure. When the mesh arrives, it will have a perimeter snap cover covering the mounting channel, so let’s remove our perimeter (cover). Next, we are going to want to drill a hole 6” from each corner. And then we are going to space those fasteners out as necessary. For a window like this (approx. 55” wide) we might put 6 fasteners across the top. There are two different types of mesh. We have a fixed, which is in my hand, it has a 2 ½” frame. And we have an egress, or hinged, frame and that has a 3 ½” frame. What are the recommended fasteners? In fact, this mesh is rated for hurricanes in the state of Florida. And in Florida, we have undergone rigorous testing. For wood construction, we use ¼” lag bolts. For concrete, we use ¼” Tapcons (length suitable to hit adjacent studs). In fact, Tapcons are excellent for wood installations. Either fastener will do excellent no matter where you are in the United States when installing these for security.