How-to – Measuring for Brick

Host: Next, we are going to measure for the opening. There are variations the way a house is built; whether it has brick veneer like this house, vinyl siding, cedar siding, 1” x 4” trim, or brick mold. This house is brick, so I’m just going to show you how we would measure for brick first. We are going to measure in a couple of spots across the width-59 ½” and 59 ¾” so we want to use the 59 ½” and take a small deduction—59 3/8” (finished width). Next for height, we’re going to measure- 36 ½”, 36 ¾”, 36 ¾”. So we are going to go with the smaller dimension, 36 ½” –take a small deduction- 36 -3/8”. That will be our finished size (height) for this mesh.