How-to – Measuring for Cedar

Host: When measuring for the width of the mesh, we want to measure a couple places to determine our width and know that not any trim is ever perfectly square, so the best thing to do is to leave a reveal. I like about a ½” or ¼” reveal, so that if something is a little out of square in the framing, you won’t even notice it. So in this particular window, we are about 41 inches (wide), so if we take off an inch, that would make 40 (inches finished width) and that would give us a ½” reveal on each side and that would look really good.

Ok, when measuring for height, we have to look at all our details. This particular window has a traditional sill, which actually sticks out proud of the side boards. If we had a picture frame (same trim on all 4 sides), we could just go down to the picture frame; but on this particular one, I think we are going to just stop right here at the sill and let it go across, so our bottom dimension is going to hit the sill. Our top dimension is right underneath this (top trim) detail. So on this particular house, we are going to measure from here (sill) to there (top detail) – 37”, we’re going to take off about ¼”, so let’s call this (height) 36 ¾” finished.