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Roll-a-way Security Shutters by QMI

Roll-a-way shutters is a wholly owned subsidiary of Qualitas Manufacturing Inc. (QMI) Security Solutions. QMI is a 33 year old company specializing in security shutters. Roll-a-way has manufactured and installed roll shutters throughout Florida and the east coast for 50+ years as home security shutters, security doors, and Roll-a-way shutters for retractable patio doors and sliding patio doors.


Roll-a-way Roll Shutters can also be used in place of window guards and security bars for windows or sliding doors. Sliding patio doors are susceptible to burglary entry and the use of security shutters is a more attractive product than burglar bars or window bars, especially over sliding patio doors. Home security shutters are commonplace in Europe and reduce the need for security bars for windows. Patio doors may also be protected using roll away security shutters.

The website contains roll shutter videos showing Roll-a-way Roll Shutters being hit by a sledge hammer to test the effectiveness as a security shutter. Additionally, Roll-a-way Rolling Shutters endure hurricane shutter testing as a wood 2×4 is shot from a cannon at the hurricane shutters to simulate the Florida Building Commission testing. The Roll-a-way Roll Shutters survived not just the required one impact, but 30+ simulated hurricane shutter wind borne debris impacts.

Roll-a-way Rolling Doors protects patio doors and also serves as a storm door for weather protection. Roll-a-way protects more than patio doors and window security with Rolling Sutters and Hurricane Shutters. Roll-a-way offers security mesh for window security or to protect sliding patio doors. Roll-a-way stainless steel mesh is just heavier than a bug mesh and can be used as a hurricane shutter or for window security instead of unsightly window bars or burglar bars. Stainless steel mesh can also protect sliding patio doors and still meets hurricane shutter protection requirements.