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StoreSafe Clear Rolling Shutters

Transparoll Security Shutters

Premium. Elegant. Protection
Transparoll shutters are the premier security and partition shutters in the StoreSafe family. Transparoll is essentially a ” glass” wall that allows for maximum visibility, protection, and elegance. The clear polycarbonate is 250 times stronger than glass of the same thickness. Transparoll shutters offer security without altering the aesthetic of the shopping environment. Perfect as a security partition or wall, Transparoll can be used for inside or outside applications. StoreSafe Transparoll shutters truly are the ultimate in security.

  • The ultimate in security
  • 85% visibility
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Prevent break-ins
  • Protect against extreme weather
  • Smallest box housing available
  • Scratch resistant

Transparoll security shutters prevent theft while providing 85% visibility. Transparoll shutters are covered in a scratch resistant coating, which also allows for graffiti to be removed easily. In addition, Transparoll is UV-resistant, preventing discoloration and ensuring the shutter maintains its clarity. The Transparoll shutter is made of 6mm thick polycarbonate, which has a smooth surface, leaving potential intruders with no grip. Transparoll is available in widths up to 26ft. in one piece. Transparoll shutters are installed using solid guides that cannot be broken.

LX-6 Security Shutters

Also fabricated with clear polycarbonate pieces, the LX6 rolling shutter is a lighter weight and medium-duty shutter with excellent visibility. The LX6 is similar to the Transparoll, but with three foot width sections of polycarbonate joined with a vertical spacer to make up the full shutter width. The lighter weight of the LX6 allows for the push-up/pull-down manual operation on shutters up to 80 sq ft.

  • Anodized aluminum horizontal ribs
  • QMI standard 7 colors available for box housing, side rails, and bottom slat
  • Most sizes available with tubular motor operation-keeping box housing size smaller
  • Extremely high visibility

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