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Patio Door Shutters by QMI

How will your patio doors be installed?

We measure, manufacture, install, and warranty every shutter, sole-source. No finger pointing.

Step 1

Side rails are mounted to building structure with code-approved fasteners to ensure the building is protected.

Step 2

The shutter tube and brackets are attached to the side rails.

Step 3

The entire assembly is tucked just under the soffit for a clean look, but also to reduce bird nesting sites.

Step 4

Tap-con screws attach the side rails. Mounting holes are covered with matching hole plugs.

Step 5

Every shutter is tested in the plant for operation before shipping to the customer.

Step 6

A decorative color-matched service panel is attached to the industry’s smallest shutter box.

Patio door shutters in the open position.

Patio door with shutter in the closed position.