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Storefront Security Gates by Roll-a-way

The StoreSafe product line offers premium protection, while still maintaining product visibility. StoreSafe shutters create a powerful security barrier to protect your valuable inventory. After installing StoreSafe shutters, retailers have reported up to a 93% decrease in attempted burglaries. Some StoreSafe security shutters are also hurricane-approved. There are several StoreSafe shutter styles to fit your security budget and visibility preferences. StoreSafe interior storefront shutters are often complemented with CounterSafe or ProductSafe products for ultimate high-value inventory or pharmaceutical protection.

StoreSafe Solid Profile

  • Eliminates views inside – preventing burglars from planning attacks
  • Maximum security – strongest single wall solid shutter in the industry
  • Saves energy – protects against extreme temperatures and weather
  • When exterior mounted – hurricane-approved protection

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StoreSafe Vision Profile

  • Great storefront security – most popular security curtain available
  • Several punch patterns available – allows for ventilation
  • Secures inventory – prevents theft and “smash and grabs”
  • Easy to use – lightweight and can secure a storefront in seconds
  • Manual and motorized – choices based on size, budget, and codes

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StoreSafe Transparoll

  • First class protection – the ultimate in security
  • Premium visibility – essentially a rolling “glass” window
  • Impact and scratch resistant- 6mm polycarbonate
  • Powerful protection – 250 times stronger than glass of the same size

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StoreSafe Grilles

  • Strong steel security gate – prevents theft and “smash and grabs”
  • Easy to operate – simple pull/push operation
  • Security options – keylock or slide bolt
  • Style options – punched and linked styles

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StoreSafe Security Mesh

  • Maximum protection – steel mesh is virtually indestructible
  • Subtle security – only slightly darker than a regular bug mesh
  • Low profile frames used – only burglars will notice protection
  • Custom shapes and arches available – for a perfect fit
  • Panic bar on inside of egress frame – allows for escape in emergency

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Side Folding Security Shutters

  • Easy to deploy – simple walk-along operation
  • Cover very large areas – available in unlimited widths
  • Cover curved areas – tracks made to follow radius of storefront contours
  • Variety of styles – available in solid, transparent, and open grille patterns

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Who uses these products?

StoreSafe provides six product lines that offer various levels of storefront security, visibility, and access. Storefront security with Roll-a-way is an attractive alternative to rolling steel doors or unsightly security bars. StoreSafe products are designed to provide maximum security without being intrusive. The StoreSafe methods of installation, color matched rails, and aluminum support tubes allow StoreSafe shutters to virtually disappear during the day. Except for the solid storefront security gates, StoreSafe products also allow for protected nighttime window shopping.

StoreSafe storefront security shutters are common at cell phone stores, electronic stores, pharmacies, jewelers, government buildings, and retail stores in hurricane-prone areas. When properly mounted to the exterior side of the storefront glazing, the solid security gates are hurricane-approved in Florida, Texas, and all coastal areas. Most retail interior storefront installations are positioned on the inside of the glazing due to landlord restrictions; however, interior installation is actually better. Rolling steel doors mounted to the exterior offer the potential intruder unlimited time to bypass the security barrier without fear of the alarm. Once an alarm triggers, burglars have 1-2 minutes. Interior storefront shutters make that quick entry and exit virtually impossible. View the retailer installation video to see how shutters are installed, and witness the shutters being smash tested with a 12 pound sledge hammer by four men. The video also demonstrates the interior storefront before and after the shutter installation to demonstrate how unobtrusive the Roll-a-way shutter system is once installed.