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OEM Integrated Solutions

  • Integrate into kiosks, stadiums, and more
  • Smallest box housing in the industry
  • Variety of solid shutters and punch patterns
  • All aluminum components reduce corrosion
  • Pushup/pushdown rolling shutter is easy to use
  • Spring assisted control is virtually maintenance free

QMI can create custom rolling doors and security shutters for a variety of applications. Counter shutters are often used by OEM manufacturers as they incorporate the QMI rolling shutters into the design of their kiosks, cabinets, stadiums, and even airplane jetways. QMI has cycle-tested these security rolling shutters to represent more than 40 years of use. Continuous improvement processes and engineering make the incidence of warranty work on security rolling shutters very low.

Rolling shutters are easy to use and deploy in seconds. When closed, the shutters simply roll down and secure valuable merchandise. QMI shutters can be found in most U.S airports. Next time you are in an airport at night, take a look around, chances are QMI shutters are protecting the merchandise all around you.

When open, the shutters disappear into the smallest integrated box housing available in the industry. The open shutters roll up and display the merchandise. Customers have no idea the shutters are even there. The spring-assisted pushup/pulldown operation is easy to use and virtually maintenance free.

QMI can customize virtually any security solution required to add the protection you need. The perforated slat security rolling shutters simply roll down to protect the valuable merchandise. High-quality QMI shutters can be integrated right into the design of a merchandise case or display.

Pictured to the right, you can see QMI rolling shutters integrated into a candy kiosk in a U.S. airport. When open, the shutters clear away and the products are clearly displayed. When closed, the shutters allow for the sights and smells of the candy to entice potential customers, while still protecting the merchandise.