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Commercial Vehicle Door

Custom Applications

Commercial Vehicle Door Applications: smaller top box, ease of use, narrow side rails, more secure.

QMI roll up doors are custom fabricated up to 20 feet wide and are available in motorized and manual operation. High security locks thorw pins sideways into mortices in the side rails – so nothing into the floor or sill.

  • Torsion spring assist reduces lifting effort
  • Utility door curtain is captured in the side rails for security
  • Compartment rolling doors require zero clearance vs. hinged doors

Container Shutters

Re-purposed containers can utilize the custom-sized roll shutters / compartment doors to fit most any sized opening. Floor to ceiling or “window” openings for counter service can immediately be accessed or secured.

  • Only 6” top box up to 84” tall. 6.5” to 122” tall
  • Sledge hammer tested, crow bar tested
  • Extruded aluminum trailer doors for lasting use
  • No top tracks or hardware. All structure at the side rails


Small top boxes completely contained in a housing enables easy installation and maximum opening sizes.

  • Less than 15lbs of effort to raise or lower
  • Motorized and 3rd party control options available
  • Up to 170 sq ft in motor operation
  • Up to 140 sq ft with torsion spring manual operation
  • Max width up to 20’ wide.

Trailer Doors

Trailer door applications offer large access points. Custom fabrication in 10 business days or less means your project gets completed on time. Great for fire truck roll up doors, ambulance doors, compartment doors, and service truck doors.

  • Optional LED lighting
  • Food truck doors of any size without loss of head room
  • Sledge hammer and crow bar security tested
Take a look at the smash test video – 80 hits with a 12lb sledge hammer!

Qompact Test Videos

Pull-Apart Strength Test with 152mm (6in.) Sample Qompact Pull Apart at 8050 kg/m 40mm Pull Apart at 296 kg/m

In Impact Testing, Qompact withstood 82 punches, 5 kicks, and 40 hits with a sledge hammer. The foam-filled shutter was destroyed in seconds.

Qompact’s End Retention prohibits the curtain from being pushed out of the rails. Without end retention, the foam-filled curtain was easily compromised.