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Vision Profile Security Shutters

  • Prevent break-ins
  • Enables nighttime visibility
  • Reduce theft
  • Control shrink
  • Eliminate “smash and grabs”
  • Allows window shopping
  • Five patterns to choose from
  • Easy to use manual pushup/pushdown
  • Electronic controls available

StoreSafe Vision aluminum shutters provide solid security with visibility. The Vision slat aluminum shutter is designed to allow potential customers the ability to view merchandise, while keeping burglars out. The extruded, single wall, AL7 slat profile offers perforations punched into 5 different patterns. The most popular pattern, the P51, is used to protect retail storefronts in the cell phone, pharmaceutical, electronic, convenience store, and jewelry industries.

FAQ: Why are StoreSafe Vision slat aluminum shutters often installed on the interior? When security shutters are installed on the interior of a building, then burglars don’t have time to bypass the shutter after the alarm goes off. Burglars can see that the store is well protected, and they will know that a “smash and grab” is not an option. Customers can still see the products inside the store at night when they pass by. Interior installation also keeps the shutters cleaner, and it keeps employees from having to go outside to shut and lock at the end of the night. In most cases, landlord approval is typically not required for inside mounting.

Color Options








Consult actual mfr. product samples for exact color representation.

Operating Systems

Manual Strap

Standard control for smaller shutters. Controls up to 25 lbs.

3-1 Strap Crank

3-1 crank ration for small to medium size shutters. An economical way to control a medium size shutter. Controls up to 45 lbs.

Pole Crank

Geared system with pole operator for medium size shutters. Optional removable pole operator available. Controls up to 80 lbs.

Manual Push-Up/Pull-Down

Quick and easy installation. Simply push up and pull down the shutter. An exclusive feature of QMI shutters with no-slip hinges.

Electric Controls

Motor Operated

Electric motor for all shutter sizes. Optional manual override, and advanced electrical control systems are available. Draws 1.5 to 3.5 amps depending on size.

Low Voltage

Our EZ-Drive System features the Smart Drive Motor. Just plug in to recharge. No electrician is necessary.

Curtain Profiles


Extruded aluminum single wall slats nest into industry’s smallest coil.

AL7-E Extruded aluminum single wall

Rolls up in tight coil to reduce head box size.

US60 Extruded aluminum double wall (DISCONTINUED)

Air space enhances energy performance.

AL2-P Foam-filled aluminum double wall

Light slits to illuminate during daylight with shutters closed. Smaller roll-up and narrower side tracks.

P55 PVC double wall (DISCONTINUED)

Excellent protection against cold, heat and noise; Aluminum retained bars through slat from side channel to side channel

AL7 Punch Patterns

Style 51

Style 11

Style 21

Roll-a-way Products FBC Compliant Miami-Dade Compliant
Rolling Shutter yes P55, US60, AL7 models only
Accordion shutters yes yes
Colonial shutters yes yes
Bahama Shutters yes yes
Stainless Steel Mesh yes yes – build out required
Fabric mesh yes only tented Strap and Buckle
Clear Panels yes yes