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The need for loss prevention in any business is obvious: if merchandise is being stolen, then it can’t be sold, and there is no business. Finding the right loss prevention plan is important to growing a healthy business. Institutions like banks and jewelry stores need security that stands out to ensure a feeling of safety for customers. For most businesses, however, obvious protection is unnecessary and cumbersome. This presents a problem. How can a store owner protect merchandise without negatively affecting the shopping experience?

Security rolling shutters can be used in store front security, or in stand-alone cases for product security. When accompanied by a sufficient alarm system, shutters can be an integral part of a layered security plan that doesn’t affect the shopping experience, and allows the store to remain beautiful.

Physical barriers can be the most difficult part of loss prevention to implement in an aesthetically pleasing way. Rolling security shutters are an easy way to protect businesses against theft in a clean, easily hidden manner. Security shutters can easily cover any straight opening, up to 20′ wide with “standard” Roll-a-way shutters. Security shutter installation is fast, and can be done almost anywhere in the country by one of Roll-a-way’s qualified dealers. Overnight installation is available and not a shopping hour is lost- and neither will your cell phones, cigarettes, hi-tech gadgets, or pharmaceuticals.

Security rolling shutters come in different punch patterns, colors and box housing shapes in order to match any décor. Security grilles can come in three different punch patterns, or solid slat curtains depending on where they are being used in the store. Punch patterns are great for when night time visibility when after hours is desired, allowing customers to window shop at night, and come back in the morning to make a purchase. Solid shutters are useful for situations like closed pharmacies where visibility isn’t necessary. Both solid and punched security grilles come in 7 colors. Box housings comes in three shapes: square, round and 45º, so that it can best blend with the opening. By choosing the right slat punch pattern, color and box housing shape, it is possible to choose a shutter that will be a fit for any business.

Roll-a-way works to help ensure there is a security product for any aesthetic requirement. The StoreSafe line of rolling security shutters gives Roll-a-way the opportunity to give the highest quality protection without sacrificing the beauty of the store.