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A person’s home is their castle and sanctuary. Protecting that sanctuary storms, intruders, noise, sun, heat, and cold can be a challenge. Weather related damage to homes from tornados and super-storms seem to be a monthly, rather than rare occurrence. Putting plywood on the outside of a home or taping the windows is not only dangerous; it makes the house less appealing to look at and cave-like to live in. Fortunately there are other options when it comes to protecting homes from hurricanes and the environment.

Exterior window shutters come in many varieties. Europeans have been using exterior rolling shutters for 100+ years. Having the window protection on the outside is much more efficient in repelling the sun’s rays, blocking cold winds, keeping out intruders, and saving energy costs. In the US, there are many types of exterior window shutters: Colonial, Bahama, Roll, Stainless Steel Screens, panels, and accordion shutters. A good starting point when considering adding shutters to a home is whether or not the home’s state has an insurance qualification, and if those shutters meet the qualifications. Shutters in Florida can be Florida Building Commission (FBC) approved or Miami-Dade High Velocity Hurricane Zone approved. Other gulf states also offer certain approvals that can potentially save homeowners insurance money.

Regardless of what state a resident lives in, there is a shutter that can help make their home safer or more beautiful. Selecting a shutter style that you love and can use easily should always be the primary objective. Prices vary for each style, but selecting only on price will not provide the best value for you and your home. Remember that shirt that you bought “on sale” that you never wear. That shirt was very expensive. The product you buy that was “too much” but you use it often and love it for years-that is the best value. Below are several
window shutters that might be YOUR best value.

Roll down shutters are the premier choice of exterior shutters. Roll down shutters are stored in a box housing above the opening they protect. Roll-a-way offers AL7 aluminum shutters for hurricane protection, with other styles . The shutter can be color matched to the house and box housings come in different varieties so that the shutter can be camouflaged when not in use. Roll shutters can protect openings up to 20 feet wide and offer the best protection against wind-driven rain and intruders. While a rolling shutter is typically at the top the budget, it also offers the most benefits for daily use-thus a very high value.

Colonial shutters are placed on either side of the window, and close by hinging inward. They add additional character to a traditional style home, yet these aluminum, louvered- shutters with a powder coat finish are built to protect the windows from hurricane wind borne debris and can take a serious punch. Virtually maintenance free, Roll-a-way colonial shutters are available in 256 colors. Consult your Roll-a-way shutter expert for size limitations and hurricane code usage.

Accordion hurricane shutters are pull across blades that fold against the wall when not in use. They are the only kind of shutter that can go around curved areas, making them perfect for balconies or irregular areas. Accordion shutters have a stacking ratio of about 1 inch per foot, allowing them to fold up pretty small for the amount of space they cover. Accordion shutters are easy to deploy when a storm approaches, or simply close them up while traveling to ensure all is just as you left it upon your return. Simple to use and great for rental properties.

Bahama shutters are a chance to add a tropical flair to any home. Hinged at the top, bahama shutters give a home privacy and shade. Breezes may enter when the shutter are both opened or closed. They come in up to 256 colors, and help defend against both intruders and the elements. As with all shutters bahamas can help cut cooling costs and make a home more comfortable.

Adding shutters to a home not only makes it safer from hurricanes and intruders, but can also improve the look and feel of the residence. Figuring out which shutters are right is as much an aesthetic decision as it is a matter of safety.

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