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Adding the right security window shutters to a home requires choices based on aesthetics, application, home-owner objectives, operation, and local code requirements. Roll-a-way offers 7 different types of shutters for homes. Each type offers some protection from the elements and from intruders-but each opening to be protected must be properly evaluated. Picking the right outdoor shutters is a decision based on three majors factors: location, style, and size of opening.

The location of the home is a significant factor in selecting the proper shutter. Some shutter blinds (including all Roll-a-way storm shutters) have approval from either the Florida Building Commission (FBC), or approval to be used in Miami-Dade High Velocity Hurricane Zones. There is also a Texas approval-which essentially follows the FBC. Choosing an approved shutter gives homeowners the peace of mind that the shutter has undergone the rigorous testing necessary for the product to gain approval. Selecting a product with hurricane approval is reassuring no matter where one lives.

A home’s location also determines the installation requirements for a shutter. Coastal applications MUST follow the approved hurricane guidelines, including the type of fasteners and spacing of fasteners as determined by the location PSF (pound per square foot) calculations. Wind speed+proximity to coast+height of building+shape of roof+opening proximity to building corner=PSF. Building codes in states outside of Florida may or may not require the installation of the shutters per the FBC PSF requirements. Please consult your local building department for compliance requirements.

The style of the home will also influence the type of shutter you would want to install, and several types of shutters or mesh may be used on the same house. For example, a homeowner might want to have protection over their windows, without changing the look of their home. For that situation, stainless steel mesh might be recommended, because it looks just a touch darker than regular bug mesh, but it is hurricane large and small missile tested. The mesh frames also block intruders and windblown debris from making an entry into the home. The mesh frames may also be customized to fit most shapes: arches, triangles, half-circles, pentagons, and polygons

Size of opening That same home may also have a sliding glass door on one of its entrances. Sliding glass doors are usually best covered by a roll down shutter because of their size. Roll down shutters are incredibly versatile, covering both doors and windows. Roll shutters offer premium security, and are easily hidden in a box housing above the opening when not in use. The box housing and the rails are color matched to the home, and the box housing comes in three different shapes in order to be the best fit possible for the home. Rolling shutters are an ideal covering for most openings, adding protection from wind, water, light, noise, and hurricanes. The opening size also may reduce the choices of the 7 shutter styles possible as bahamas, mesh, and colonials do have maximum size limitations. Consult a Roll-a-way expert to verify maximum sizes for your PSF calculated opening.

Colonial shutter blinds offer security window shutters that swing open and closed. Placed on either side of the window, colonial shutters add a classic look to a home’s exterior while allowing the homeowner to safely and easily close them at any time. Colonial shutters are available in up to 256 color choices to add style plus protection.

Accordion shutters are another option when choosing outdoor shutters. These Z-fold shutters stack to the side of the opening and are easy to deploy and lock down in seconds.

Other factors like budget may also play a roll in deciding which shutters are right for your home. Shutters for homes are a great recommendation for making them safer and more beautiful. Hurricane protection for a typical 3’x5′ window might range from $200-$1,200 per window, depending on product, size and operation.